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Ceferina Rodriguez Real R.

Senior caregiver
53 years old
0 References
Meet Ceferina Rodriguez Real R.

Hola estoy interesada en un puesto de trabajo ,de interna me siento capacitada

Formation and languages
  • Curso de cocina manejo de alimentos
  • Driving license
  • Spanish: Mother tongue

Ceferina Rodriguez Real R. 399763
Provided references
Senior and disabled caregiver 2015 to 2018
Baños comidas !acompañarla a médicos limpieza
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Revised documentation
  • Identity document
  • Email

Work preferences
  • Senior caregiver interna
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Would work in: Málaga
  • Would work in: Sevilla
  • Would work in: Almería
  • Would work in: Madrid
  • Would work in: Cádiz
  • Would work in: Alicante
  • Would work in: Albacete
  • Would work in: Huelva
  • Would work in: Cuenca
  • Would work in: Cáceres
  • Would work in: Córdoba
  • Would work in: Jaén
  • Would work in: Valladolid

Duties he want to accomplish
  • Clean house
  • Eldercare
  • Hygiene and grooming of patients
  • Side trips to the doctor and walk
  • Buying and preparing meals
  • Administer medications and meals

Available hours

Lives in Mijas, Málaga, 29651

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About Ceferina Rodriguez Real R.
  • Birth country: España
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